name : richards, paul
age : 25
location : madison, WI, USA

mission : aquire music, rock house

contact :

'ver-E-&nt, 'var-
-one of two or more persons or things exhibiting usually slight differences
- one that exhibits variation from a type or norm

= psytrance

= drum'n'bass
(when I'm in the mood)




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Chaos Existence



THAT'S ALL, FOLKS! I'm ditching the Sonar Signals thing. After doing almost thirty of these mixes, I'm ready for a new identity. Head over here to see what I'm up to now.

No longer featured :
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Signal_27 : Craniac's Brain Attack

Tracklist :
1. Witchcraft "Witchcraft Magic" [©Dragonfly Records] 2. Squaremeat "Wakawaa" [©Exogenic Records] 3. Full Color "Let's Go Party" [©Acidance Records] 4. Neuromotor "Fuck The DAT Mafia Trance XP" (Original Version) [©Acidance Records] 5. Psysex "Fast and Furious" [©Procyon Records] 6. Scorb "Metabolic Activity" [©Ambivalent Records] 7. Jaia vs. Wizzy Noise "Crystal Noise" [©Liquid & Solid] 8. Orion "Dig It" [©Solstice Music] 9. G-Light Project "Rock N Drive RMX" [©Shiva Space Japan] 10. Uriel "Let There Be Lighter" [©Com.pact Records] 11. Triptych "Sunflowers " [©Turbo Trance Records]

Signal_26 : Thought Module (66min 30sec)

Signal_26 : Thought Module

Tracklist :
1. Clone Theory "Electrollenium"
[©Qube Records] 2. Robert Leiner "Solaris" [©Elejam Records] 3. Mekkannikka "Out There" [©Spirit Zone Records] 4. Sphere "ReFresh" [©Vision Quest] 5. Psysex "Puzzle (The Final Piece)" [©Hom-Mega Productions] 6. Earthling "The Calalyst Rmx" [©Sirius Records] 7. Neuromotor "Electrik Zone" [©Deju Vu Records] 8. Safi Connection "Froze" [©Arcadia Music] 9. Wizzy Noise "Paradise Lost" [©Candyflip Records] 10. Central Processing Unit "A Beach In Japan" [©3D Vision] 11. Bamboo Forest "Breath" [©Vision Quest] 12.
Parasense "Karnataka Punk" [©Third Eye Records]

Signal_25 : Frightsim (68min 24sec)

Signal_25 : Frightsim

Tracklist :
1. Commercial Hippies "Where Dreams Come From"
[©Nano Records] 2. Bizarre Contact "Frequencies" [©U.S.T.A. Records] 3. The Good The Bad & The Ugly "Mescalito" (GMS Remix) [©Maia Records] 4. Astrix "Solaris" [©TIP.World/Hom-Mega Productions] 5. Soundaholix "Psychedelic Circus" (Astrix RMX) [©Spun Records] 6. Audialize "Plug-N-Play" [©Ketuh Records] 7. Scatterbrain "Scattergram" [©Digital Psionics] 8. Cosmochaos "Adrenaline" [©Shiva Space Technology] 9. Xenomorph "Tzelmavet" [©Gnostic Records] 10. Spirallianz "Battlejuice" [©Spirit Zone Records] 11. Blamstrain "Turn Back" [©Merck Records]

Signal_24 : Bad Move (68min 16sec)

Signal_24 : Bad Move

Tracklist :
1. intro 2. Zodiac Youth "Space" (Station II Station Mix) [©Dragonfly Records] 3. Man With No Name "Lights Out" [©
Dragonfly Records] 4. Logic Bomb "Datalinks" [©TIP.World] 5. Bio-Tonic "Bio-Thing" [©Solstice Records] 6. Astral Projection "1,000,000 Years From Today..." [©Phonokol Records] 7. 1200 Micrograms "Ayahuasca" [©TIP.World] 8. Vibe Tribe "Drug Enthusiasm" [©Neurobiotic Records] 9. Xerox & Illumination "Temporary Insanity" [©TIP.World/Hom-Mega Productions] 10. Damage "Thought Modulator" [©Afrogalactic Records] 11. The Ohm Squad "Paralytic" [©Tempest Recordings] 12. Benza "Flinch" [©Demon Tea]

Signal_23 : Vast Frontiers (74min 32sec)

Signal_23 : Vast Frontiers

Tracklist :
1. Mekkanikka "The Basic Tribal Pattern" [©Spirit Zone Records] 2. Tara In-Project "Ohm" [©Chakra Delic Records] 3. Etnica "Seven Dust" [©Etnicanet Records]
4. S.U.N. Project "The Record Deal" [©Spirit Zone Records] 5. Eskimo "Does This Look Infected To You?" [©Phantasm Records] 6. Infected Mushroom "Scorpion Frog" [©BNE/YoYo Records] 7. Melicia "Psychodeliya" [©Phonokol Records] 8. X-Wave & Dynamic "Crazy Diamond" [©Baloonia Ltd.] 9. Silicon Sound "Electro Body Music" [©Neurobiotic Records] 10. Sub6 "El Novasion" [©Com.pact Records] 11. Entheogenic "Spaced" [©Spirit Zone Records]

Signal_22 : Probe (65min 18sec)

Signal_22 : Probe

Tracklist :
1. Sandman "Jungle Rock" [©Dragonfly Records] 2. Etnica "Small Doses" [©Spirit Zone Records] 3. GMS Vs. Talamasca "Mutation" [©3D Vision]
4. Talamasca Vs. Manitu "Genetic Monster" [©Moon Spirits Records] 5. Talamasca "Tribalistic" [©TIP.World] 6. Mandalavandalz "Flower For Your Heart" [©6 Dimension Soundz] 7. Xerox "There Is Another" [©Hom-Mega Productions] 8. Mino "Computer Crime" [©Transient Records] 9. Psy Sex "Alien Cop" (Goblin Remix) [©TIP.World/Hom-Mega Productions] 10. X-Wave & Melicia "Get Ready" [©Baloonia Ltd.] 11. Vitkan "Far From Over" [©Sphere Records]

Signal_21 : Many Moons (75min 17sec)

Signal_21 : Many Moons

Tracklist :
1. Dandanadado "Diamond Dust" [©Hadshot Haheizar] 2. Total Eclipse "Are You Abducted?" [©TIP.World] 3. Infected Mushroom "Wider" [©MDMA Records]
4. Dynamic "R2D2" [©Phonokol Records] 5. Psy Sex "On A Mission" (RMX) [©BNE Records] 6. Mumbo Jumbo "Ensnared" [©Turbo Trance Records] 7. Wizzy Noise "Tropic Remedy" [©Spun Records] 8. Kluster "Nirvana" [©Stone Age Records] 9. Illusion of Self "Atomic Flatulence" [©Tribeadelic Records] 10. GMS Vs. Cyrus The Virus "William Wallace" (Alternate Vision Remix) [©Spun Records] 11. Deedrah "Far And Away" [©Hadshot Haheizar] 12. Zorba "Unlike Anything We Know" [©Shaffel Records] 13. Rhoca "Venom Strikes Back" [©Sound of Habib Recordings]

Signal_20 : A Bundle of Nerves (54min 12sec)

Signal_20 : A Bundle of Nerves

Tracklist :
1. Psypilot "Train To Nowhere" [©Turbo Trance Records] 2. Johann & Har-el "Colours" [©Eros Music] 3. 1200 Micrograms "Ecstacy" (Dado RMX) [©Spun Records] 4.
Skazi "Fire On Ice" (Eskimo RMX) [©Phantasm Records] 5. Dynamic "Say Yes" [©Phonokol Records] 6. Puro "Shut Wide Eyes" [©Stone Age Records] 7. GMSpacetribe "Alternate Future" [©Spun Records] 8. Illusion of Self "Omni Analogue" [©Tribeadelic Records] 9. Fatali "Reborn" [©Alchemy Records] 10. Gargoyles "Evil Do'ers" [©Interchill Records]

Signal_19 : Sense of Purpose (61min 36sec)

Signal_19 : Sense of Purpose

Tracklist :
1. Total Eclipse "On The Road Again" [©TIP.World] 2. Secret Vibes "Electro Gigue" [©Secret Vibes] 3. Talamasca "Gemini" [©3D Vision] 4.
Dynamic "Ovni" [©Spun Records] 5. Star X "Multy Form" [©Transient Records] 6. Wizzy Noise "Insane Drums" [©Etnicanet Records] 7. Mad Processor "Ultra Voices" [©Shellsplinta Records] 8. Alien Project "Electro" [©Phonokol Records] 9. Psy Sex "Altered States" [©Com.pact Records] 10. X-Dream "Live Fast - Die Young" [©Tunnel Records] 11. Ott "Billy The Kid Strikes Back" [©Twisted Records]

Signal_18 : Dodge & Burn (69min 37sec)

Signal_18 : Dodge & Burn

Tracklist :
1. Shpongle "The Seventh Revelation" [©TIP.World] 2. Tikal "Clone" [©Dragonfly Records] 3. Atomic Silicon "Silicon Vally" [©Spectrum Music] 4.
Laughing Buddha "Karma" [©TIP Records] 5. Cydonia "Animals" [©Concept In Dance] 6. Chromosome "Scientifics" [©Psyforce Productions] 7. Central Nerve "Star" [©Spiral Trax] 8. Infected Mushroom "Eva Dawn" (Violet Vision Remix) [©Phonokol Records] 9. Psy Sex "Amphetemaniac" [©HOMmega Productions] 10. S.U.N. Project "Looking For You" [©Spirit Zone Records] 11. Holeg & The Spies "Godisnotgoth" (Wandering of Souls) [©Aurinko Records]

Signal_17 : Idiopathic Symptoms (72min 48sec)

Signal_17 : Idiopathic Symptoms

Tracklist :
1. Growling Mad Scientists "Jaws" [©Matsuri Productions] 2. S.U.N. Project "Space Dwarfs" [©Spirit Zone Records] 3. Talamasca "Aries" [©3D Vision] 4. Hallucinogen "Gamma Goblins" (GMS Remix) [©TIP.World] 5. Younger Brother "Magic Monkey Juice" [©Twisted Records] 6. Orion "Halluweird" [©Solstice Music] 7. X Porters "Back To Back" [©3D Vision] 8. Earthling vs Paul Taylor "White Rabbit" [©Alchemy Records] 9. Jumanji "Retro Crumpet" [©Transient Records] 10. Zorba "Datora" [©Shaffel Records] 11. Saiko Pod "Groove Moderator" [©Flying Rhino Records] 12. Bio-Tonic "Somewhere" [©Solstice Music]

Signal_16 : Cloudlayer (73min 29sec)

Signal_16 : Cloudlayer

Tracklist :
1. Koxbox "9:11" [©Vision Productions] 2. Somaton "Mutate & Survive" [©Phantasm Records] 3. California Sunshine "Full Power" [©Out Of Orion] 4.
Astral Projection "Trance Dance" [©Trust In Trance Records] 5. Infected Mushroom "Evadawn" [©Vision Productions] 6. Talamasca "The Flow" (RMX) [©3D Vision] 7. Panick "Hollow Second Edition" [©Phonokol Records] 8. Institut Für Bassforschung "I.F.B." [©Midijum Records] 9. Zorba "Fragile" [©Shaffel Records] 10. Dreamtec "Venus" [©Dragonfly Records] 11. Gargoyles "Spacebaby" (Seiberg & Witten Mix) [©Twisted Records] 12. Mantra Man "Shivai" [©Liquid Sound Design]

Signal_15 : Perception Machine (71min 55sec)

Signal_15 : Perception Machine

Tracklist :
1. Shanti "Filterfish" [©Vision Productions] 2. The Infinity Project "Mindboggler" [©TIP Records] 3. Phreaky "Techno Prisoners" [©Atomic Records] 4.
Synthetic "The Mummy" [©TIP.World] 5. Miraculix "Bad Dream " [©Alchemy Records] 6. Infected Mushroom "Song Pong" [©BNE/Yoyo Records] 7. Talamasca "Speaking Robot" (GMS Remix) [©TIP.World] 8. Bio-Tonic "On The Rox" [©Solstice Music] 9. Yahel "We Know" [©Phonokol Records] 10. The Green House Effect "State Of Mind" [©HOMmega Productions] 11. Infected Mushroom "Drop Out" [©BNE/Yoyo Records] 12. Lumen "In The Air" [©Avatar Records]

Signal_14 : Wireframed (71min 12sec)

Signal_14 : Wireframed

Tracklist :
1. Slinky Wizard "The Wizard" (Koxbox Remix) [©Flying Rhino Records] 2. Logic Bomb "Thoughts Crossed Back" [©Transient Records] 3. Steptime "Berzerk" [©Stoneage Records] 4.
Panick "Cheesy Poofs" [©Com.Pact Records] 5. Silicon Sound "Analog Device" [©Moon Spirits Records] 6. Growlmonizer "Eject " [©Spun Records] 7. Infected Mushroom "Deeply Disturbed " [©BNE/Yoyo Records] 8. Astrix & Delirious "Day Dream" [©HOMmega Productions] 9. Dado "Hellsonic" [©Spun Records] 10. Koxbox "Woolectric" [©Solstice Music] 11. Intergalactic "Escape Route" [©Bionics Records] 12. 1200 Mics "The Sixth Revelation" [©TIP.World]

Signal_13 : Intrastellar (70min 59sec)

Signal_13 : Intrastellar

Tracklist :
1. Yahel "Atmosphere" [©Phonokol] 2. Domestic & Asterix vs Astral Projection "Pure NRG"
[©Transient Records] 3. Man With No Name "Own The World" [©Perfecto Records] 4. Space Cat "The Gate" [©BNE/ Yoyo Records] 5. Intergalactic "Out Side" [©Bionics Records] 6. Psyside "Krusty Burger...With Cheese" [©Acidance Records] 7. Quirk "Tribodelic" (Mumbo Jumbo Remix) [©Transient Records] 8. Spirallianz "Bitnapped" [©Spirit Zone] 9. Mumbo Jumbo "Jax Bac" [©Turbo Trance Records] 10. Dark Soho "Karbaros" [©Alchemy Records] 11. Schuldt "One Step Closer" [©Aurinko Records] 12. Kloq "Upgrade" [©Atomic Reactor]

Signal_12 : Psychic Showdown (69min 32sec)

Signal_12 : Psychic Showdown

Tracklist :
1. Alien Project "LSD" [©Solstice Music] 2. Acid Rockers "Weirdworld" [©Blue Room Released] 3. Logic Bomb "Computers and Microprocessors" [©Psyforce Productions] 4.
Space Tribe "Kickin' Up Some Dust" (RMX) [©Spirit Zone] 5. Bio Tonic "Play It" [©TIP.World] 6. Nomad "Mental Shock " [©3D Vision] 7. Pixel & Sub6 "One Shot" [©Neurobiotic Records] 8. Silent Sphere "Confuse" [©Medium Records] 9. Space Cat "Energize" [©Transcend Records] 10. Astrix "Massive Activity" [©HOMmega Productions] 11. Mr. Peculiar "40,000 Substances" [©Tribe-adelic Records] 12. The Melovskys "Purple Haze" [©TIP.World]

Signal_11 : Gaiagram (61min 23sec)

Signal_11 : Gaiagram

Tracklist :
1. Astrix "Life System" [©HOMmega Productions] 2. Electric Universe "Solisted RMX" [©Transcend Records] 3. Sienis "Tranceformers" [©Psyforce Productions] 4. Eraser Vs. Yöjalka "This Level"
[©Exogenic Records] 5. The Antidote "Empty Dot" (Hallucinogen Remix) [©Solstice Music] 6. Infected Mushroom "B.P. Empire" [©BNE/Yoyo Records] 7. Orichalcum & The Deviant "Where Are You?" [©TIP Records] 8. Stralia "Transducer " [©Procyon Records] 9. Logic Bomb "Jan & Jon" [©Solstice Music] 10. Kiwa "Rahat Mulle" [©Exogenic Records]

Signal_10 : Fractured Fractals (79min 11sec)

Signal_10 : Fractured Fractals

Tracklist :
1. Polaris "Breaking Point" [©Maia Records] 2. Green Oms "Mr. Boing" [©Dragonfly Records] 3. Orion "Deep Weed" [©TIP.World] 4. Mekkanika "Mentally What"
[©Neurobiotic Records] 5. Tristan "Fantasy Eyeland" [©Twisted Records] 6. Logic Bomb "Insert Coin" [©Stonehenge Records] 7. Spindrift "Breakpoint" [©Stonehenge Records] 8. Cosmosis "The Cave Of Medusa" [©Avatar Records] 9. Etnica "Simulate The Future" [©Atomic Records] 10. Alien Project "Yofi Carnallis" [©Phonokol Records] 11. Sandman "Spawn" [©Blue Room Released] 12. Ect "Mr. Jolly" [©Phantasm Records] 13. Magnat "Liberate" [©Qube Records] 14. The Infinity Project "Stimuli" [©TIP Records]

Signal_09 : Reminiscence (73min 21sec)

Signal_09 : Reminiscence

Tracklist :
1. Eat Static (feat. Ed Orzic) "Chronic Horde" [©TIP.World] 2. Eat Static "Implant" (2002 update) [©TIP.World] 3. The Antidote "Sunrise" [©TIP Records] 4. Koxbox "Insect & Insect Bite" (Split Mix) [©Harthouse Records] 5. The Green Nuns of The Revolution "Thunder Thighs" [©Nova Tekk] 6. Dark Soho "Dark Moon In Stonehenge" [©Alchemy Records] 7. Kris Klyven (feat. The Faithealers) "Spiritualizer" [©Atomic Reactor] 8. Talamasca "Musica Divinorum" [©Spiral Trax] 9. Space Tribe (Olli Wisdom & Simon Posford) "In The Hands of The Shaman" [©Spirit Zone Records] 10. Mindfield "Odyssey of The Mind" [©Phantasm Records] 11. Ozric Tentacles "Pteranodon" (Hallucinogen Remix) [©Snapper Music]

Signal_08 : Ask The Oracle (67min 53sec)

Signal_08 : Ask The Oracle

Tracklist :
1. Juno Reactor "Hotaka" [©Metropolis Records] 2. DJ Exanimo & Setherian "Philosifiction" [©Medium Records] 3. Miraculix "Witchcraft" [©Alchemy Records] 4. GMS "Psychedelic Circus" [©Etnicanet] 5. The Antidote "Camouflage" [©Solstice Music] 6. Astrix & Atomic Pulse "Scientific Reality" (Rough Mix) [©TIP.World] 7. Nomad "Party Time" [©Procyon Records] 8. Man With No Name "Sugar Rush" (Refined Mix) [©Concept In Dance] 9. Cosmosis "Supernatural" [©Transient Records] 10. Jaia feat. Gill "Drum Explorer" (DJ Mael Mix) [©Moon Spirits Records] 11. 1200 Micrograms "Ecstasy" [©TIP.World] 12. Entheogenic "Impossible Landscape" [©3D Vision]

IfUWannaCruz (19min 49sec)


Tracklist :
1. Bad Company "Mo' Fire" [©BC Recordings] 2. Lutin "Vox" [©Biotic Records] 3. Juju "Far Away" (Tara Vox) [©Phuturo Recordings] 4. M.I.S.T. Vs. High Contrast "3 AM" [©Soul:r] 5. Greg Packer "Be-Bop" [©Chihuahua Recordings] 6. Ed Funk "Lazy Afternoon" [©Planet Funk Recordings] 7. Gen "Catcha" [©Fokuz Recordings]

Respect to the artists!

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