name : richards, paul
age : 24
location : madison, WI

mission : aquire music, rock house

'ver-E-&nt, 'var-
-one of two or more persons or things exhibiting usually slight differences
- one that exhibits variation from a type or norm

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Welcome to the virtual headquarters of DJ Variant, America's 7,450,403rd most loved dub selecta! With an open mind and frisky 'net connection you can bear witness to my plodding crawl up the turntablist's learning curve.

I submit monthly mixes under two artificial imprints. LO/CONCEPT Recordings signifies drum'n'bass and Sonar Signals denotes psy trance/breaks/ambient. Respect goes out to all the artists, for it's the music, not the mix, that matters most.

dj variant

^ 'Just thought this was cute.


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PAST MIXES [no longer featured] :

Signal_07 : Antiportal

Signal_07 : Antiportal (76min 55sec) // 1. Hallucinogen "L.S.D." [©Dragonfly Records] 2. Astral Projection "The Nexus" [©Trust In Trance/Phonokol] 3. Logic Bomb "Vector" [©TIP.World] 4. 1200 Micrograms "Mescaline" [©TIP.World] 5. Psyside "True Power" [©Procyon Records] 6. Cosmochaos "Landmass Vibration" [©3D Vision] 7. Authentik "Vampires" [©Boshke Beats] 8. Mr. Peculiar "Replacement Therapy" [©Tribeadelic] 9. Talamasca "The Missing Link" (Silicon Sound Remix) [©Maia Records] 10. Sonicsurfers "Crafty Species" [©Moon Spirits Records] 11. Bamboo Forest "Step By Step" [©Dragonfly Records] 12. Saiko Pod "Insoma" [©Etnicanet] 13. Hallucinogen "L.S.D." ('World Sheet of Closed String' Mix) [©Twisted Records]

Signal_06 : System Specs

Signal_06 : System Specs (70min 16sec) // 1. intro 2. Peo De Pitte "Underground" [©Sound of Habib] 3. Drax & Scott Mac "The Sun" (De-Progression Mix) [©Big Fish Music] 4. Mathias Ware Feat. Rob Taylor "Hey Little Girl" (Banks & Sullivan Club Mix) [©Superstar Recordings/Manifesto Records] 5. Spooky "Belong" (Splinter Mix) [©Deviant] 6. Moogwai "Keo" [©Platipus Records] 7. Filur "Phased Action" [©Dragonfly Records] 8. Viva - O Ma "Zero Zero" [©Balloonia Ltd.] 9. Kiwa "Alpha Sector" [©Surreal Audio Recordings] 10. Nuclear Ramjet "Evolution" [©Iboga] 11. Ololiuqui "Restarter" [©Spirit Zone] 12. Groovaholic "Bigi Mantra" [©Gekko] 13. Conjure One "Tidal Pool" [©Nettwerk America]


Firstingsfirst (75min 39sec) // 1. Reggie Steppa "Drum Pan Sound" [©Steely and Clevie Productions] 2. Soundmurder & SK-1 "Dreader Than Dread" [©Rewind Records] 3. Datcyde "Oh Gosh" [©Taciturn Records] 4. Rascal & Klone "Zero Tolerance" 5. Concord Dawn "Check The Sound" [©Timeless Recordings] 6. Stratus "The Leader" [©Sonix] 7. Stratus "Live" [©Sonix] 8. Ram Trilogy "Milky Way" [©Ram Records] 9. Ram Trilogy "Huggy Bear" [©Ram Records] 10. Mace "Love & Devotion" [©Planet Funk Productions] 11. 60 Minute Man + DJ Touch "Got The Love" [©Intercom] 12. Dagga "Lauging Gas" [©Hospital Records] 13. Mathematics "Jersey Deep" [©Defunked] 14. Funk 'n' Flex "Feel The Love" [©Defunked]

Signal_05 : Dominant Lifeform

Signal_05 : Dominant Lifeform (72min 57 sec) // 1. Eat Static "Mother Planet" [©Mesmobeat] 2. Zen Lemonade "Pussy Galore" [©Dragonfly Records] 3. Infected Mushroom "P.G.M" [©BNE/Yoyo Records] 4. Noosphere "Captain Proton" [©Spirit Zone] 5. Battle of the Future Buddhas "Sly" [©Boom! Records] 6. Miraculix "Blow Your Mind" [©Alchemy Records] 7. Dynamic "Super Sonic" [©Phonokol Records] 8. Dark Soho "Dark Memory" [©Alchemy Records] 9. Total Eclipse "Eleusis" [©Solstice] 10. Electric Vendetta "od-1" [©Iboga] 11. Mumbo Jumbo "Weird, Sick, Twisted" [©Psychic Deli] 12. Psy Sex "Survival Kit" (Koopa Troopa's dub mix) [©BNE/Yoyo Records]

Signal_04 : Hallucigenia

Signal_04 : Hallucigenia (65min 31sec) // 1. Buckfunk 3000 "Future" [©Fuel] 2. Yahel "Waves of Sound" [©HOMmega Productions] 3. Chris Carter "Echo Babylon" [©Botchit Breaks] 4. Miraculix "Stop Them" [©Alchemy Records] 5. Aquasky Vs. Masterblaster "Disco Biscuit" [©Botchit & Scarper] 6. Altom "Argos" [©Neurobiotic Records] 7. Sasha "Immortal" [©Kinetic Records] 8. GMS "Spook" [©Sound Sorcery Records] 9. S.I. Futures "Ionic Funk" [©Novamute] 10. Alien Project "Silent Running" [©TIP.World] 11. ils "Are You Ready?" [©Marine Parade] 12. Violet Vision "Sign of Bliss" [©Liquid Sound Design]13. Aquasky Vs. Masterblaster "Certain Sound" [©Botchit & Scarper]

Signal_03 : Nonplanar

Signal_03 : Nonplanar (73min 04sec) // 1. Maria Nayler "Angry Skies" (Terrestrial Vox Mix) [©Deconstruction] 2. Universal State of Mind "All Because of You" (Sunday Club Remix) [©Platipus Records] 3. Prometheus "White Sands" [©Dragonfly Records] 4. Psy Sex "Dominatrix" (Cosma Remix) [©HOMmega Productions] 5. Logic Bomb "Shadow of the Beast" [©Spiral Trax] 6. Alien Project & Raja Ram "Skunk" [©TIP.World] 7. In R Voice "Alien Resonator" [©Optica Records] 8. Dark Soho "The 14th" [©Alchemy Records] 9. X-Wave & Safi Connection "X.D" [©Phonokol] 10. Safi Connection "Kaimera" [©MDMA/Spectrum Music] 11. S.U.N. Project "Sex, Drugs + Acid Trance" [©Spirit Zone] 12. Sasha "Bloodlock" [©Kinetic Records]

Albert's Atmospheric Drum and Bass Mix

Albert's Atmospheric Drum and Bass Mix (71min 09sec) // 1. Gen "Cas 8" [©Fokuz Recordings] 2. Sonic Generation "So Far" [©Good Looking Records] 3. Makoto "Travelstar" [©Good Looking Records] 4. Peshay Vs. Flytronix "Disco" [©Creative Source Recordings] 5. Flytronix "Contemporary Accousticz Jam" (Origin Unknown Remix) [©Moving Shadow] 6. PFM "In Love" [©Good Looking Records] 7. Seba "Soul 2000" [©Good Looking Records] 8. Rantoul "Digital Future"[©Good Looking Records] 9. Big Bud "Lifeline" [©Good Looking Records] 10. Poseidon "Tensions of the Sea" [©Good Looking Records] 11. Seba "Connected" [©Good Looking Records] 12. PFM "One And Only" [©Good Looking Records]

Wendy's Road Mix

Wendy's Road Mix (69min 34sec) // 1. Danny Breaks "Intro" [©Droppin' Science] 2. Spree "Move" (State Of Play Remix) [©Aspect] 3. Tommy Knocker "All For Love" (E-Z Rollers Remix) [©Intercom] 4. ils "Only Way To Survive" [©Marine Parade] 5. Luke Vibert "Homewerk" [©Planet Mu] 6. Moonstarr "Greed" (Moonstar Remix) [©Compost Records] 7. Mr. Scruff "Shrimp!" [©Ninja Tune] 8. John Tejada "Present Pretense" [©Tigersushi Records] 9. Jazzanova "Another New Day" [©Ropeadope Records] 10. Marschmellows "Soulpower" (Jazzanova's Straight Dub Mix) [©Compost Records] 11. DJ Shadow "Giving Up The Ghost" [©MCA Records] 12. A Forest Mighty Black "Everything" (Freakniks Remix) [©Compost Records] 13. Prefuse 73 "Love You Bring" [©Warp Records] 14. Sian "Bamboo Soul" [©Cookin' Records] 15. Lacarno & Burns "Late Jam " [©Ascension Music]

Beast Vs. Man

Beast Vs. Man (55min 56sec) // 1. Ram Trilogy "Beastman" [©Ram Records] 2. Panacea "No Exit" [©Position Chrome] 3. Kemal "Cluster" [©Cryptic Audio] 4. Stakka & Skynet "Timelines" [©Underfire Recordings] 5. Orion "Dark Dreams" [©Breakbeat Science] 6. Future Prophecies "Purple Smoke" [©Subtitles] 7. Mars "Road Runner" [©Tangent Recordings] 8. High Contrast "Passion" [©Hospital Records] 9. Blue Sonix "Can You Handle It" [©Phuturistic Bluez Recordings] 10. Danny Breaks "Revenge of the Big Bossa" [©Droppin' Science] 11. A Forest Mighty Black "Tides" (Peshay & Flytronix Remix) [©Compost Records]

Signal_02 : Cosmic Compounds

Signal_02 : Cosmic Compounds (82min 08sec) // 1. Synthetic "Africa" [©Solstice] 2. Nomad "Cabaret" [©3D Vision] 3. Saiko-Pod "Magnetic Force" [©Kinetic Records] 4. Cosmosis & Shakta "Visitors" [©Transient Records] 5. Tim Schuldt "Secrets" [©Aurinko Records] 6. Cosmosis "Just Say No" [©Transient Records] 7. Man With No Name Presents Yogy & Grey One "Big Troubles In Outer Space" (Oforia Remix) [©Phonokol] 8. Subs "To Experience" [©HOMmega Productions] 9. Yahel "Step by Step" [©HOMmega Productions] 10. Cosma Meets Guitarminator "Some Wish They Were There" [©Shiva Space Technology] 11. Shpongle "The Sixth Revelation" [©TIP.World] 12. Secret Vibes "Kirsten Sky" [©Gaia Concept] 13. Synthetic "Pulp" [©Solstice] 14. Etnica "The Beast Man" [©Spirit Zone]


DreamSplice (75min 27sec) // 1. Fon "Pavlova" [©Biotic Records] 2. Safe 'n' Sound Extreme "Stygian Shadows" [©Stompin' Choonz ] 3. Chris Su "Astro-Sine" [©DSCI4] 4. arQer "Grief" [©Architecture Recordings] 5. Teebee "The Void" [©Certificate 18] 6. Subsonic "Braized" [©Bloody Fist] 7. Ice Minus "Break The Ice" [©Ice Minus Recordings] 8. Apparatus "Damnosa" [©Jungala] 9. Future Prophecies "Electronic Funk" [©Subtitles] 10. Ed Rush & Optical "Pac Man" (Ram Trilogy Remix) [©Virus Recordings] 11. D*Force "Dreamtime" [©BC Recordings] 12. Teebee "Capable" [©Subtitles] 13. Teebee + Form "Return to Forever" [©Subtitles] 14. Silent "Bottoms Up" [©Electric Mayhem] 15. Scott Brown "Elysium Plus" [©Evolution Records]


Signal_01 (69min 55sec) // 1. Kluster "Balanced" [©Digital Psionics] 2. Mino "Contagious" [©Transonic Records] 3. X-Dream "Universal Chaos" [©D.Drum] 4. Front Line Assembly "Colombian Necktie" (GOArge Mix by Tim Schuldt) [©Metropolis Records] 5. Tim Schuldt "File Damage" [©Atomic Records] 6. Mr. Peculiar "1000 Tablets" [©Tribe-Adelic] 7. Logic Bomb "Neighbor of the Beast" [©TIP.World] 8. G.M.S. "No Rules" [©Solstice/Spirit Zone] 9. Space Cat "Hell-ium" [©BNE/YoYo] 10. Saiko-Pod "Sashitarian" [©Solstice] 11. Electric Universe "Activate" [©Spirit Zone] 12. DSP "Have a Good Time (All The Time)" [©Twisted Records] 13. Tycho "It's All Rock And Roll" [©TIP.World]


Cryotechnique (56min 23sec) // 1. Panacea "King of The Jungle" (DJ Scud's Burnt-Out Raver Mix) [©Position Chrome] 2. Kemal's Mutation [©DSCI4] 3. Stakka & Skynet "Faultline" [©Zero G] 4. Origin Unknown "Truly One" (Remix Pt 1) [©Ram Records] 5. GFS "The Player" [©Sound Gizmo Audio] 6. Peshay "Fuzion" [©Cubik Music Productions] 7. Carlito "So Liquid" [©Defunked] 8. Greg Packer "You're The One" [©Tangent Recordings] 9. Blue Sonix "Your Love" [©Pivotal] 10. Drum Origins "Know The Future" [©Fokuz Recordings]

Wit'aquickness (66min 11sec) // 1. Stratus "You Must Follow" [©Human Records] 2. Chimera "Neolights" [©Phunkateck Communications] 3. Stakka & Skynet Featuring Keaton "Isolation" [©Underfire Recordings] 4. Future Prophecies "Suicide" [©Certificate 18] 5. Teebee "Let Go" [©Subtitles] 6. Xploding Plastix "Treat Me Mean, I Need The Reputation" [©Hospital Records] 7. Klute "Psycho Somatic" [©Commerical Suicide] 8. Tungsten "Expand Your Mind" (Danny Byrd - Expanded Remix) [©Sound In Motion] 9. High Contrast "Return of Forever" [©Hospital Records] 10. John B "I Like To Get It On" [©Renegade Recordings] 11. Synchronicity "Foot Prints" [©Good Looking Records] 12. Avid Nation "Riding Higher" [©Good Looking Records]

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